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Every employee is entitled to a safe workplace free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and other forms of unlawful treatment. Employees are also required to be fairly and promptly compensated for their work. Though numerous legal safeguards are in place to protect employee rights, some employers refuse to follow the law. If your rights have been violated, our capable attorney at the Law Office of Scott Ernest Wheeler can offer the skilled advocacy you need to hold your employer accountable. 

We have over 25 years of legal experience and personally relate to the plight of employees who have been subject to mistreatment. Our employment law services in Claremont are designed to help you enforce your rights, seek justice, and obtain the compensation you deserve.

Standing Up for Employees’ Rights in California

When you come to the Law Office of Scott Ernest Wheeler, you will receive the full attention of our professional and courteous staff. You will also have direct access to our attorney, who will provide dedicated representation throughout our handling of your case. We are prepared to assist you with many types of unlawful employment practices, and no case is too complex for our team

If you believe that you have been mistreated on the job or have another type of concern relating to labor or employment law, Law Offices of Scott Ernest Wheeler is ready to help. 

Contact my Claremont office online or at (800) 893-0584  to schedule a consultation. We believe that every client — no matter how complex the case — should receive personalized attention, including regular updates regarding case progress and options.

    "An excellent attorney that delivered an excellent outcome."

    - Randy H.

    "Mr. Wheeler achieved a fantastic result. I am very thankful I found Mr. Wheeler."

    - Helen S.

    "In the end, the class members and I were thoroughly satisfied with the results."

    - Anonymous

Our employment law services in Claremont include assistance with:

  • Wage and Overtime Disputes. All employees must be appropriately compensated for all hours worked. This means that non-exempt employees must be paid overtime when applicable, no matter what their employer says. Your employer also cannot violate meal and break rules, refuse to reimburse you for work-related expenses, pay you late, or misclassify you as an exempt employee or independent contractor.  Our team is prepared to handle all types of wage overtime claims.
  • Private Attorney General Act of 2004 (PAGA). PAGA was introduced in an effort to help workers pursue claims against their employers when labor enforcement agencies are unable or unwilling to do so. When filing a PAGA claim, a worker files a complaint on behalf of the California government. PAGA claims are exempt from forced arbitration requirements contained in many employment agreements, but you must meet certain eligibility criteria to pursue this option. We can review your circumstances and advise whether this approach is right for you. 
  • Whistleblower Protection. You always have the legally protected right to report unlawful activity (or any activity you reasonably believe to be illegal) that occurs in your workplace. Your employer cannot retaliate against you for speaking up, meaning you cannot be fired, demoted, or treated adversely because you “blew the whistle.” Whistleblower protections also apply if you refuse to participate in what you believe to be unlawful activity. Our firm can help you fight acts of retaliation. We also assist with qui tam lawsuits in applicable scenarios. 
  • Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination and can take several forms, including quid pro quos, hostile work environments, and unwelcome questions or advances. Sexual harassment can occur between members of any sex. We can help you seek relief and justice if you experience any type of sexual harassment.
  • Wrongful Termination. An employer cannot fire an employee on discriminatory or retaliatory grounds. They also cannot dismiss an employee if doing so violates their employment agreement, which may include provisions that specify an employee can only be terminated under certain conditions. Some employers will go to great lengths to conceal the true reason they are terminating someone, but we understand how to establish wrongdoing and strategically pursue these claims.
  • Discrimination. California employers cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, disability, medical condition, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. This means you cannot be fired, retaliated against, or otherwise treated unfavorably because of a protected characteristic. If you believe you are the victim of any type of workplace discrimination, we can help you explore your legal options.

Why Hire Our Firm?

What you can expect when you hire The Law Office of Scott Ernest Wheeler:
  • Personalized Attention to Your Case
  • Responsive Communication & Guidance
  • Professional & Courteous Legal Team
  • Over 25 Years of Experience on Your Side
  • Direct Attention from an Attorney

Committed to Helping You Seek Justice

If you have been subject to any type of mistreatment in your workplace, you may be entitled to compensation and other remedies. You should not wait to discuss your case with our attorney. In most cases, you will only have a limited amount of time to start the legal process. Our team will carefully review your circumstances, determine whether you have a case, and walk you through your legal options. If you choose to bring a claim, we will be by your side every step of the way. 

Call (800) 893-0584 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Se habla español.

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